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Mobile Practice Pro

Mobile Practice Pro LogoHalo3’s Mobile Practice Pro application for iPhone is the latest in innovative technology for the Dental Professional. The application provides streamlined integration of current Practice Management Systems and mobile communication of the versatile iPhone. Mobile Practice Pro gives Dental Professionals the much needed mobility to efficiently and effectively manage a practice by providing remote access to the office's practice management system.

Because of its ease of navigation, intuitive user interface, broad functionality, and the fact that it is platform independent, Mobile Practice Pro has quickly become the favored application for instant access to vital practice information while on the go. The Mobile Practice Pro application allows multiple users of the PMS to login from an iPhone. Once the user logs in via the application using SSL, the user is given access to a number of PMS functions with real-time viewing of data.

The application is available for free in the Application Store (search for Mobile Practice Pro). The server component is required to link the application to your practice management system. The cost for the server component is $199 one time setup and $25 a month per device! That is just $300 per year for instant real-time access to your important practice management information!

Mobile Practice Pro is available for the following practice mangement systems:

  • Eaglesoft
  • OpenDental
  • Dentrix/Easy Dental (in Development)
  • WinOMSCS (in Development)

For more information on this product, please contact our sales team.

Login Screen

All your practice information is kept secure. In order to use the application, you device must be registered with the sevice and you still must use your login credentials go gain access. A lost or stole device can be immediately disabled. All information is transmitted using SSL, the same technology using to secure online banking transactions.

View Daily Schedule

The Scheduling module is used to view scheduling information on a day-to-day basis. The time of appointment, name of patient and treatment to be performed are available.

Also located within the scheduling module is a function used for viewing detailed information regarding patient appointments including date and time, type of treatment, confirmation of appointment, provider of services, and time allocated.

Patient Search

One feature of the Patient Search module allows the user to look up patient records and view the patient’s name and contact information, birth date, and appointments including previous and future appointments. This tool features a Search function which allows search by first name, last name and phone number. Chart records are also viewable via the Patient Search module. This function provides chart data including patient notes, prescriptions written, and treatments completed, in progress or pending.

Patient Detail

After selecting a patient you will be able to view all important information about that patient.

Past and Future Appointemnts
Place phone call or text Patient
Other Family Members
Proposed, Accepted & Completed TX

Virtual Waiting Room

The Virtual Waiting Room creates a virtual environment for looking into the current status of the day’s scheduled patients. It allows the user to see the patients currently checked in and sitting in the waiting room, the patients who have been seated in the dental chair, and which patients are currently late for their appointment.

Practice Performance

With the Practice Performance module you can easily keep track of the financial performance of your practice. Using this module you can easily view the practice production, collection and adjustments on a daily, monthly or yearly basis. It also displays the number of new patients seen in that range, which is a key indicator of practice success.